Common Support Questions

Does The District have an in-home technical support provider?
Unfortunately we cannot directly provide technical support for in-home technical issues. Return to Top
My Chromebook is damaged. How do I get it repaired?
Please notify your teacher.  Your school has a process to provide a replacement Chromebook. Return to Top
How do I connect my Chromebook to WiFi?

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step-by-step instructions are available HERE.

Need More Help?

Google provides additional instructions for connecting your device to WiFi at:

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I've tried Google's instructions and still can't connect to WiFi.

If your WiFi router was provided by your Internet provider they will have a technical support line that you may call for assistance.  Some ISPs put the technical support phone numbers directly on a sticker on the WiFi router or the box in which the router was delivered.  If yours did not, check your Internet bill or the Internet provider's web site for technical support information.  Be sure to have your account information ready when contacting your Internet provider for support.

The two most common broadband Internet providers in Lee County are Comcast and Century Link.  Their phone numbers are:

  • Comcast - 1-800-XFINITY / 1-800-934-6489
  • Century Link - 1-877-646-3282

If you purchased your WiFi router from someone other than your Internet provider, the router manufacturer should offer technical support.  The phone number is usually available in the user manual as well as the manufactuer's web site.

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Can I print from my Chromebook at home?

Yes, if your printer is connected to your WiFi network and supports the Google CloudPrint protocol.  Setting up CloudPrint differs by manufacturer and model, so you will need your printer's documentation (usually available via the manufacturer's web site if you no longer have the manual).  Before attempting CloudPrint setup it is important to ensure that your printer's firmware is up to date.  Refer to your user manual or the manufacturer's web site for instructions on updating your printer.

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I am withdrawing from Lee County. Can I download my Google data?

Yes, your data is portable.  Prior to withdrawing, simply use the Google Takeout tool to download a copy of all of your data.  Instructions for using Google Takeout are available at:

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