What is a Chromebook?

The Chromebook is a relatively new type of computer that combines simplicity, speed, security and very long battery life at an affordable price.

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Why did The District choose Chromebooks?

There are several factors and almost a year's worth of work that went into making the decision.  We were looking for several things when choosing our devices, including:

  1. Simplicity.  Teachers and students should be focused on teaching and learning, not figuring out the technology.
  2. Low cost.
  3. Performance.
  4. Reliability.  In order for students to rely on these devices as instructional tools, the devices must be extremely reliable.  Chromebooks do not suffer from the complexity and malware (virus, etc.) threat that plague other platforms.
  5. Simple support and maintenance.  If a student's device breaks, we can replace it and have them running in five minutes.
  6. Long battery life.  Your device's battery has to last all day if you want to rely upon it as a tool.
  7. Compatibility.  The District utilizes a variety of web-based instructional software and content which need to work with our devices.
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Are students required to use the devices?
Yes.  The Chromebooks are instructional tools, just like a textbook. Return to Top
I have heard Chromebooks can't be used without an Internet connection. Is this true?

All of the core productivity tools utilized by The District can work offline (without Internet access).  You can check your assignments, work on documents, and much more - even without Internet access.  Of course, ANY mobile device is much more capabile WITH Internet access.

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Can students use their Chromebooks with their home WiFi?

Yes.  Students may connect their Chromebooks to WiFi at home, or anywhere else they may have WiFi access.  For information on connecting your Chromebook to WiFi, visit:


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How are students protected online?

The District utilizes Internet filtering systems to reduce exposure to inappropriate content - even when the device is used at home.  Parents should be advised that no filtering system blocks 100% of inappropriate content, and we highly recommend that student use of Internet be monitored by parents.

Please visit the Parent Guide to Internet Safety.  This web site provides links to great information regarding Internet and social media safety, as well as information on prevention and reporting of CyberBullying.  This information is provided by Common Sense Media.

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What happens if the Chromebook is dropped or gets wet?

We have planned for accidents.  All District Chromebooks include:

Enhanced Durability:

  1. Semi-ruggedized design that meets US MIL-STD for durability, pressure, temperature, humidity, shock and vibration.

  2. Spill resistent keyboard and trackpad.

Accidental Damage Protection:

All devices include Accidental Damage Protection from the manufacturer so that drops and spills are covered at no cost to parents.

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Who is responsible for lost or stolen Chromebooks?
The assigned students, and ultimately their parents / guardians, are resposible for the device.  Please review our GlobalLee Student and Parent Guide for the detailed process for reporting and replacing lost or stolen devices. Return to Top
Does this mean that all textbooks have been eliminated?

No.  The State of Florida is currently in the process of transitioning from textbooks to digital content (ebooks, documents, video, audio, interactive tools, and more).  The transition has begun, but will take years to complete, as specific subject areas will transition each year.  During the transition period, students will utilize some traditional texts along with digital tools.  As the transition continues, the number of traditional textbooks will decrease and digital content will increase.

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Chromebooks are a Google technology. Does this mean they mine our student data and sell it?

No. Chrome OS and Google Apps for Education solutions:

  1. Do not mine staff/student data.
  2. Do not display advertisements to students/staff.
  3. Do not sell any information.

Click here to read more about Google's committment to student privacy.

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