Will you be sending me something telling me what I should be teaching?

No, the Parent/guardian who assumes the responsibility of educating a child at home also assumes the responsibility for providing a curriculum, educational materials, and evaluations necessary to determine student progress. The school system does not supply texts, curriculum guides, or education standards for the home education student. The Department of Student Welfare and Attendance may assist in providing information pertaining to state the required curriculum, state approved textbooks, materials, and other related materials upon request. State adopted instructional materials for students may be ordered at the parent's expense from:

Florida School Book Depository
P.O. Box 6578
Jacksonville, Fl 32236

Upon receipt of your Acknowledgement of enrollment document teacher editions are available for purchase to parents.

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What are the School System's responsibilities to me, a home education parent?
Public school systems have very few responsibilities for the Home Education Program because the family has essentially withdrawn from the public school system and entered him/her in a separate system, much the same as if the student were entering any private school. Instead, the school system's responsibilities are to the requirements of compulsory school attendance. That is the reason HEP students must register with the superintendent's designee. Return to Top
What if my child was sent to an Alternative Learning Center?
Students who are assigned to the Alternative Learning Center or another school for disciplinary reasons must complete the ALC program before returning to their school of assignment. Return to Top
Can my student participate in Dual Enrollment?
The home education student may participate in dual enrollment at Edison College. Home school students may earn credit toward their high school courses and an associate degree. Contact the Enrollment Management at Education Community College. You will need your Acknowledgement of Home Education Enrollment as proof that you are enrolled with the Lee County School District. Return to Top
Can my child participate in Interscholastic Sports?
If your high school student is interested in participating after school/interscholastic activities, contact the Student Assignment office at 337-8249. Return to Top
Can parents provide education to children of other parents?
No, the responsibility for a student's education in a home setting remains with the parent. Return to Top
Do I have to hold a teaching certificate to teach my child at home?
No, there are no academic requirements for HEP parents. Return to Top
What information should be included in the contents of my child's portfolio?

Package your portfolio in a 3-ring binder or expandable folder. Included in the portfolio are:

  1. Sequentially progressive lesson plans written during instruction.
  2. A list of titles of reading materials, textbooks and other materials used during instruction;
  3. Samples of each child's work.
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When is my portfolio due for review?
Parents who enroll for the first time are inspected during their first year. You will be notified by letter. Return to Top
How do I know if my child passes to the next grade?
That is your decision, although if the student re-enters public school, placement testing or performance may indicate another level as more appropriate. Return to Top
What if my child was enrolled in a public school and I decide in the middle of the school year to home educate? May I?
Yes, you may enter the Home Education Program at any time during the school year. Once you withdraw from the Lee County Schools and register with the Home Education Program, the decision of what to teach, when to teach, etc., is entirely your responsibility. Return to Top
What if my child(ren) is failing in the public schools and I decide to enroll them in a Home Education Program and he/she passes? Can I enroll him/her back in a public school in the next grade?
Grade level placement of student enrolling in a Lee County Public School from a home education program is determined by state and district policies. Return to Top
Do I register each year?
State law does not require the parent to register their child each year for the home education program once enrolled. However, to assist the School Board of Lee County with accounting for all compulsory school age students (6-16), the parent or guardian of a child is requested to return the annual Home Education Evaluation Checklist along with the annual evaluation to the home education office. The Home Education Evaluation Checklist is mailed out to all registered home education parents/guardians at the end of each school year. Parents should notify the Home Education Office by calling 337-8259 to report address or phone number changes. Return to Top
How can I get in contact with other parents who are home educators?

We have a list of home education (contact persons), organizations, and curriculum resources that you may call or talk to other home educators. (The following links are to third-party web sites that are neither hosted nor endorsed by The School District of Lee County.) Note: These sources are provided only as a reference.

The following is a list of State and Local organizations:

Karin Rodriguez

Christian Home Educators of Southwest Florida (CHESF)
Web Site: http://www.chesf.org

Gulf Coast Homeschool Association
Web Site: http://www.gchsa.com

Heart and Home Homeschoolers
(239) 469-5657

Also Recommended:

Florida Parent Educators Association
Web Site: http://www.fpea.com

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If I have questions, who do I call?
Home Education Department
Daily between 8:00am and 4:30pm, 239-337-8259 Return to Top
How do I get started?

Complete the registration forms in the forms section and return to:

The Lee County Public Education Center
Home Education Department
2855 Colonial Boulevard
Ft. Myers, FL 33966-1012

The Home Education Department is located at the EAST Entrance of the LCPEC.

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