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The purpose of this procedure is to establish the rules, conditions, and fees under which The Lee County School District facilities including grounds may be used in accordance with School Board Policy 9.05.

Prohibited Uses

  1. District facilities shall not be used for any use inconsistent with Board policy, administrative procedures, and State or Federal law.
  2. District facilities shall not be used for any activity which would damage school facilities or grounds beyond normal wear and tear or for any activity which would interfere with District activities or operations.

Schedule of Fees

The Superintendent shall develop and approve a schedule of fees for the use of District facilities, as set forth in Exhibit A. The Superintendent may adopt changes to the schedule of fees as appropriate. The schedule of fees shall consider costs associated with the use of District facilities such as, custodial services, energy consumption, maintenance and repair (particularly of athletic facilities).

Schedule of Fees

Scheduling and Priority of Use

  • Facilities may be scheduled no less than two (2) weeks and no more than one (1) year in advance. All scheduling must be coordinated with the school or facility being rented.
  • See School Board Policy 9.05 for further details.

Approval Authority

Facility lease requests that meet the procedures contained herein may be approved by the Superintendent or authorized designee. The Superintendent or his/her Designee shall be authorized to make reasonable interpretations of the foregoing procedures regarding use of District facilities.