What if I don't get the school I want?

What if I didn’t get my first choice?
Every effort is made to assign each student to their first choice whenever possible, taking into consideration preferences (sibling, ESE, proximity 1 and 2), class size and school capacities. If your child did not receive their first choice, the child has automatically been placed onto the Eligibility Pool (waiting list) for their first choice zone school, and any first choice Magnet school you have selected. They only way to get on an eligibility pool is to submit a student assignment application for your child. Return to Top
How does the Eligibility Pool (Waiting list) Work?
The eligibility pool runs from the date the first group of applicants is processed through the first 15 school days of the new school year. Once school begins, students must attend their assigned school in order to remain on the eligibility pool list. If the student withdraws to attend a charter, virtual, private or home school, they will automatically be removed from the list. After the first 15 days of the upcoming school year, the eligibility pool ends. The eligibility pool does not roll over from one school year to another. Return to Top
How will I be notified if and when a vacancy occurs?
As vacancies occur at the first choice school, the Student Assignment Department will notify you of availability by telephone and offer the assignment. Parents do not need to contact student assignment personnel to check for seat availability or the number the child holds on the eligibility pool. Department staff will contact parents as soon as possible when a seat is available. When contact cannot be made, department staff will accept the assignment on behalf of parents/guardians and notification of the assignment will be mailed to the address listed for the student. Return to Top
What if I have a child already attending the school?
Parents/Guardians that opted for Sibling Guarantee (multiple brothers/sisters on the same application to be assigned the same school) will be offered assignments to those siblings only when vacancies occur at all grade levels required, thereby honoring your request for a Sibling Guarantee assignment. Return to Top
What happens when the eligibility pool (waiting list) ends?
Any parents still seeking a different assignment after the eligibility pool ends or at the time of year when there is no eligibility pool should contact the Student Assignment office on a daily basis to check availability at the school they want their child to attend. Return to Top


Please remember, the Student Assignment Department cannot reach parents/guardians if contact information is missing or inaccurate. Please keep your phone number and address information up to date so we can reach you. Parent/Guardians are responsible for notifying the current school or Student Assignment Department of any changes to telephone numbers or address. (Proper documentation is required to change a student’s address, please contact the student’s school or the district website at www.leeschools.net for information on updating your address at the school).

Florida Law states that whoever knowingly provides false information in writing to a public servant in the performance of his or her duties commits a second degree misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $500.