Guest Teacher Compensation Schedule

Credential Requirement Daily Rate Hourly Rate
Tier I: High School Diploma (appropriate for those employed prior to 8/11/09). $82.40 $10.99
Tier II: Less than a bachelor’s degree, with 60 semester hours of college credit or greater $92.70 $12.36
Tier III: Bachelor’s degree or higher $106.05 $14.14
Tier IV: Bachelor’s degree or higher and ten years of verified work experience in a public education institution, in either instructional position or administrative instruction position. $111.24 $14.83
Guest Teachers working in a position for a specific teacher absence, vacancy, or in a specific assignment for a period of thirty (30) consecutive work days on the teacher work schedule during the fiscal year, shall be considered a long-term guest teacher. $139.05 $18.54