Office: 239-461-8420
Fax: 239-337-8505


The Communications & Production Department is located at 2855 Colonial Boulevard, Fort Myers in the Lee County Public Education Center. The department recognizes the need for parents, the community, staff and the media to be informed about educational news and the issues and stories relating to our school district and our schools.

The department is responsible for the majority of the District’s internal and external communication efforts. The Communications & Production Department issue press releases, create standard templates, handle social media accounts, as well as produce and edit all District video content. Staff also serve as a liaison between schools and the District and local, state and national media. In addition, the Department oversees the District's main Web site (

The Communications Department is also responsible for fulfilling Public Records Requests from the media and the public, according to Chapter 119 of the Florida Statutes. Public record requests may be made to the office in person, by phone, letter or E-mail.

Lauren Stillwell, Director 461-8420
Communications & Production - 461-8420
David Alexander, Video Production Specialist 335-1453
Bobbi Charlwood, Program Specialist 337-8179
Amanda Fasciano, Receptionist / Switchboard 461-8445
Zayomara Galindez, Clerk Typist / Front Desk 337-8510
Kyle Gilbert, Video Production Specialist 335-1598
Laura Howard, Internet Communications Specialist 335-1458
Karen Johnson, Secretary 337-8532
Melissa Mickey, Coordinator 337-8327
Karen Petriella, Receptionist / Switchboard 337-8507
Jason Sill, Supervisor 337-8344
Emily Davies?, Video Editor / Graphic Artist 337-8559
Printing Services - 337-8533
Fred Hutchinson, Manager, Technical Support Printing & Document Services 337-8529
Tina Sands, Specialist, Production Support 337-8540
Anthony LlewellynPrinter II 337-8528
Bobby PerkinsPrinter II 337-8528
Penny BennettFinishing Procedures Operator I
Bonnie SmithFinishing Procedure Operator II 337-8525
Mailroom Services - 337-8565
Alan GettyMail Courier 337-8565
Gary LaFountainMail Courier 337-8565
Mark PinneyMail Courier 337-8565
David RodgersMail Courier 337-8565
Deborah ValinskyMail Courier 337-8565