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Compliance Advisory Committee
Agenda & Minutes

FY06-07 Meeting Schedule

June 11, 2007 Agenda Minutes
May 07, 2007 Agenda Minutes
April 23, 2007 Agenda Minutes
March 12, 2007 Agenda Minutes
February 12, 2007 Agenda Minutes
January 08, 2007 Agenda Minutes
December 11, 2006 Agenda Minutes
November  13, 2006 Agenda Minutes
October 09, 2006 Agenda Minutes
September 11, 2006 Agenda Minutes
August 14, 2006 Agenda Minutes
July, 2006

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The Compliance Advisory Committee shall consist of fifteen members. Each School Board Member shall select three members, at least one of whom resides in the School Board Member’s residence area and at least one of whom is a minority, for appointment to the committee by the School Board. The Superintendent shall assign no more than three appropriate District staff as liaisons.

The purpose of the committee shall be to provide input, advice and support to the performance of periodic audits to ensure compliance with statutory, regulatory and policy directives, and the development and implementation of continuous improvement initiatives.

POLICY: 1.18, Community Involvement Opportunities