Mary Fischer, School Board Chairman - May 2017

Mary Fischer, District 1, School Board Chairman

Hello Families and Students!

2016-17 has been a year of change, challenge and success as we have worked with our superintendent and his staff toward realizing our vision to be a world class school system.

We are focused on the education of our youth, and this must be done in collaboration with parents and the community.

Our dedicated teaching and support staff have provided a variety of opportunities for our students to find success by incorporating arts, athletics, career exploration and community service into their instruction.

Vision 2020, our strategic plan with four main goals, drives everything we do.

Goal #1: Increase Student Achievement – We are developing The Lee County Standards for Excellence to increase rigor and relevance, along with adding individual progress monitoring initiatives. Early Childhood Education has been augmented through grants to serve more children. Career academies and language enhancements have been created for several school locations.  We have adopted Code of Conduct changes and employed Alternatives to Suspension to keep kids in the classroom. We have also advocated for Comprehensive Health Education, which shows just as much promising impact on academic achievement as it has on health outcomes. Healthy kids are ready to learn!

Goal #2: Increase Family and Community Engagement - With the support of The Foundation for Lee County Public Schools, school staff and community volunteers have reviewed and implemented new initiatives. Many of our schools have been recognized for special achievements. Partnerships between schools and local businesses have blossomed. Technology has improved the ability to provide parents and the community with information and support as they work to meet their child’s learning needs and understand the important role they play as part of our education team. We have also become a leader in the community wellness movement. Prevention through education is the key to a healthy future!  

Goal #3: Increase Retention of Effective and Highly Effective Employees - The Division of Human Resources is focused specifically on this target, implementing strategies to improve retention based on quality data analysis principles. A key strategy is providing opportunity for enhancing professional growth and relationships. The department has also initiated a multi-faceted approach to recruiting teachers. They are identifying high school students, as well as classroom paraprofessionals with the passion to teach and offering them scholarships. And they have launched national recruiting efforts through Virtual Hiring Fairs, updating incentive packages to entice talented candidates to our district. 

Goal #4: Become a Model Continuous Improvement Organization – We are striving to be better every day. We are engaging business leaders through the Superintendent’s Executive Roundtable who are offering ideas, opinions and feedback to move us forward. District, Board and Superintendent Advisory Committees are working in tandem with staff to make recommendations for new projects, improvements and enhancements. In turn, we share how their recommendations are being implemented. In addition, the District consults with professional experts in planning for projects. Departmental reorganization has been employed to increase efficiency and save or generate revenue along with systems for monitoring, analyzing, and improving performance across the district.

Achieving these goals takes a collaborative effort that involves communication between school, family and community. Our district website,, social media sites and school websites offer news and showcase our stories as they unfold.

As we anticipate growth for the coming year, we continue to explore ways to provide quality, essential service to students within the current budget constraints. I invite you to continue participating as we work toward our vision of becoming a world-class school system.

With my congratulations to our graduates, my sincere thanks to teachers and support staff for all you do, I send good wishes for a safe and peaceful summer.

Mary Fischer, Board Chairman Signature
Mary Fischer
School Board Chairman