Mission - Vision - Goals

The Technical, Career and Adult Education Department is responsible for providing quality programs in Secondary and Post-Secondary Technical Education, Adult Basic and General Education, and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). Also, partnerships are developed with businesses, agencies and other educational institutions to ensure collaboration and articulation of programs to the benefit of the students and the community.


To provide support and assistance to ALL stakeholders served by Technical, Career and Adult Education by developing and delivering quality instructional programs and service.


All students will complete instructional programs with the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in society and the workplace.


To use funding sources to provide equipment, curriculum, software, etc. to middle, high school and post-secondary technical, career and adult instructional programs that are reflective of changes in technology and the workplace.

To seek grants that will provide development and continuation of programs that prepare students with the skills training necessary for success.

To provide curriculum and staff development activities for Technical, Career and Adult Education staff that will encourage the use of integrated curriculum and application based learning.

To seek and include business and industry partnerships in planning, implementation and evaluation of all instructional programs.

To work in partnership with agencies and educational organizations in planning and implementing local and regional workforce development and adult education programs.


Name Job Title Phone
Alvarado, Maria Support Specialist 939-6309
Bailey, Jeremy Information Specialist 335-1552
Burnett, Andrea Teacher on Assignment 939-6310
Chastain, Melissa Bookkeeper 337-8275
Davis, Rita Director 939-6304
Dussan, Teresa Supervisor, Adult Education 335-1557
Fulgham, Brandi Support Specialist 335-1554
Gordon, Jon Application Support Specialist 939-6323
Graham, Mary Teacher on Assignment 335-1551
Granstra, Brian Coordinator 939-6308
Gumm, Lisa Teacher on Assignment 939-6306
Harijono, Kelly Information Specialist 939-6303
Hernandez, Cristina Information Specialist 335-1558
Johnson, Melissa Teacher on Assignment 939-6326
Keast, Marie Teacher 939-6325
Mena, Maria Clerk Specialist 939-6309
Stowell, Nancy Supervisor, ESOL 335-1556
Voellinger, Milla Teacher on Assignment 939-6324
Wood, Lori Secretary to Director 939-6302
Wright, Lisa Health Occupations Coordinator 939-6305