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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Lee County Public Schools Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. We complied a list of the most asked questions of the District to help you better understand some of the procedures of the District.

Q: Where do I find the school calendar?

A: We have posted links to all District calendars as well as some State Department of Education calendars (i.e. testing, etc.) To view the list, visit our Web page: (http://www.leeschools.net/calendar/).

Q: How do I register my child for school?

A: Families must choose schools, based on preference, and submit their requests to the Student Assignment Department – families should not go to a school to enroll their child(ren). Unlike other school Districts that base enrollment on where a family lives, Lee County Public Schools follows the “Choice Model.” To view the procedures, the documents needed for enrollment and more, visit the Student Assignment Department’s Web page (http://studentassignment.leeschools.net/).

Q: Where do I find a list of schools?

A: On our Main Web page, there is a link to Schools (http://www.leeschools.net/school/) – this is where you can find links to lists of or elementary, middle, high, special centers and charter schools as well as driving directions to each school, the lunch menu and much more more.

Q: Where do I find the bell times (start times) for the schools?

A: You can find a list of hours of operation (bell times) via the Schools Web site (http://www.leeschools.net/school/).

Q: Is my child eligible to ride the bus to school?

A: Students who live within two miles from their schools not provided transportation services as per Florida Rule 6A-3.001 (3)

A reasonable walking distance for any student who is not otherwise eligible for transportation pursuant to Section 236.083, Florida Statutes, is any distance not more than two (2) miles between the home and school or one and one-half (1.5) miles between the home and assigned bus stop. Such distance shall be measured from the closest pedestrian entry point of the property where the student resides to the closest pedestrian entry point of the assigned school building or to the assigned bus stop. The pedestrian entry point of the residence shall be where private property meets the public right-of-way. The district shall determine the shortest pedestrian route whether or not it is accessible to motor vehicle traffic.

IDENTIFICATION OF HAZARDOUS CONDITIONS – When a request for review is made to the district’s transportation department concerning a condition perceived to be hazardous to students who live within the 2 mile limit and walk to school, such condition shall be inspected by a representative of the school district.)

Q: Is there a list of supplies needed for my child?

A: Supplies are specific to each school. However, every summer we post back to school pages and encourage schools to post their supply lists on their Web site.

Q: How do I get involved with my child’s school and/or the District?

A: There are many opportunities to get involved with your child’s school or the District itself. Volunteers play a very important role in the education of our children – without volunteers, our schools and classrooms would not be as vibrant as they are. Please call the school in which you would like to volunteer at.

Q: Where do I find important District phone numbers?

A: On our Main Web page, we’ve created a link to a list of District Departments (http://www.leeschools.net/dept/) where you will not only find the phone number to each department, but the name of the director and the departmental fax number as well.

Q: Where do I find current job vacancies for the District and how do I apply for a job?

A: Lee County Public Schools has more than 11,000 full and part-time employees – we are the county’s largest, and BEST, employer! There are a wide range of job opportunities within the District – from teachers to bus drivers to maintenance workers to skill craftsman.

For a complete list of current job vacancies, visit our Employment Web page (http://careers.leeschools.net/). All applications are accepted online – once you find a position you’re interested in, you can apply directly from the job posting.

Q: I need a copy of my transcripts, who do I call?

A: The Department of Student Records handles transcripts requests. Their main phone number is: 239-337-8182.

Q: How do I find out more about the GED programs offered by LCPS?

A: GED classes and testing are offered through the Department of Adult Education. You can visit them online (http://ace.leeschools.net/) or phone them directly at 239-939-6310.