Our Mission: To ensure that each student achieves his/her highest personal potential
Our Vision: To be a world-class school system
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Interesting District Factoids

How Many Schools Make Up Lee County Public Schools?

For 2013/14 there are 116 schools in our District:

  • 44 - Elementary
  • 16 - Middle
  • 13 - High
  • 14 - Special Centers & Community Schools
  • 5 - K-8 Schools
  • 3 - High Tech Vocational Schools
  • 1 - Virtual School
  • 1 - Early Learning Center
  • 21 - Charter Schools

What are the school grades from the Florida Department of Education?

For 2012/13 (latest figures) the breakdown is:

A: 29
B: 15
C: 25
D: 7
F: 3

What is the current Graduation Rate and Drop Out Rate?

The latest figures show the Graduation Rate at 71.9%. The drop out rate is at 1.3%.

What’s the total square footage used by the District?

The total amount of square footage, including school buildings and administrative offices, is approximately 10 million square feet.

How many students are in Lee County Public Schools?

The most recent data show the District's enrollment consisted of the following:

Pre-K 1,703
K-5 40,784
6-8 19,970
9-12 25,891

TOTAL (Pre-K-12th Grade): 88,348 (including Charter Schools)

  • The District is the 9th largest in Florida
  • LCPS is the 37th-largest district in the United States

What is the range of languages and countries represented by LCPS students?

Our students represent 159 countries and speak approximately 98 different languages.

What are the foreign languages taught?

There are five foreign languages taught in our schools: American Sign Language, French, German, Latin and Spanish.

What is the number of Limited English Proficient (LEP) students in LCPS?

The latest figures show more than 8,600 students identified as LEP.

How many Exceptional Student Education students are there in the District?

There are approximately 11,000 ESE students in Lee County Public Schools. Of those, nearly 5,000 are gifted students.

How much is spent per student, on average, in Lee County Public Schools?

The latest figures from the Florida Department of Education show the following:

  • Regular: $6,224
  • ESE Programs: $9,340
  • At-Risk: $6,356
  • Vocational: $6,231

How many employees work for the District?

Lee County Public Schools is one of the county’s largest employers. There are over 10,000 full- and part-time employees – of those, approximately 5,400 are teachers.

What’s the average experience of a Lee County Public Schools teacher?

Our teachers have an average experience of 13.3 years.

What’s the percentage of LCPS teachers who have advanced degrees?

Approximately 35% of Lee County Public Schools teachers have earned an advanced degree (Master's, Ph.D., Specialist, etc.)

How many LCPS teachers have earned National Board Certification?

Currently, 150 District teachers have earned National Board Certification.

How many school buses does the District have?

There are approximately 700 buses on daily routes.

How many miles do the buses drive and how many students are transported?

Our buses travel about 65,000 miles a day, taking approximately 50,000 students to and from school. In a year, those miles add up to about 12 million miles.

What are some of the new features on today’s school buses?

In Lee County, our buses are being fitted with a global positioning system (GPS) device that provides a wealth of information (location, speed, time at each stop, etc.) In addition, newer buses are equipped with air conditioning as well as lap belts.

How many meals do school cafeterias serve to students?

On a daily basis, more than 24,000 breakfasts and 48,000 lunches are served in our schools. That totals more than 11 million meals in a year! The most popular item is Chicken Nuggets & Chicken Tenders!

How many students are on the Federal Free & Reduced Lunch Program?

The latest figures show that more than 70% of the K-12 students enrolled in Lee County Public Schools participate in the Free & Reduced Lunch Program. That is an increase of 20% since the 2007/08 school year.

How many volunteers does the District have?

The latest figures show that nearly 16,000 volunteers worked in our District. They logged approximately 425,000 hours, which translates into about $15 million in hourly contributions!

What is the District's budget?

For 2013/14, the total budget is $1.3 billion. The breakdown is roughly:

  • $791.3 million General Fund
  • $219.1 million Capital Fund
  • $126.9 million Internal Services
  • $60 million Food Services

What does it cost to run the District?

The cost per day, to run Lee County Public Schools is approximately $3 million.

Updated: November 2013