Home Education, as defined by Florida’s law, is “sequentially progressive instruction of a student directed by his or her parent in order to satisfy the attendance requirements of 1002.41, 1003.01(13), and 1003.21(1).”  Please consult the FAQ portion of the FPEA website for more details regarding home educating at the kindergarten and first grade levels, IS KINDERGARTEN MANDATORY?http://fpea.com/about-homeschooling/faq

Home Education is a parent-directed education alternative. Home Education allows the freedom to explore and learn at the pace of the individual student. Parents who provide instruction to their children at home are requested to read carefully and comply with all of the state statutes and regulations governing the operations of a Home Education Program.

The materials provided on this website will introduce you with the basic necessities to initiate and maintain a Home Education Program for your child(ren). Should you decide to enroll your student in the Home Education Program, please complete and return the Notice of Intent within 30 days of establishment of your program. Once processed, an Acknowledgement of Participation letter will be sent to you by US mail, confirming the enrollment. Please keep the Home Education Department current with any updates to your phone, address etc. Should you decide to withdraw your student from the Home Education Program, please complete and return the Notice of Termination.


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